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The Companion Therapy Laser® System
Stimulates deep cellular activity in your pet & expedites the healing process

Companion Therapy Laser ® Treatment - Murphy, NC

The Companion Therapy Laser ® System to reduce pain and inflammation is designed exclusively for Veterinary Medicine and used to provide pets with faster recovery times and veterinary practices with enhanced clinical outcomes for pain relief, age related diseases, chronic and acute disorders, wound healing, rehabilitation, and more. It stimulates deep cellular activity in your pet, and it expedites the healing process.

Dr. Van Horn uses the Companion Therapy Laser® system to reduce inflammation and heal damaged tissue through deep tissue penetration. The deep tissue penetration increases the pet body’s cellular production of ATP (Adenosine-triphosphate) to treat and heal the inflamed area.

Companion Therapy Laser is available at Alpine Veterinary Hospital - Murphy, NC

Traumatic skin injuries and surgical incisions benefit greatly from laser therapy intervention. The Companion Therapy Laser® system can reduce healing times, restore mobility ,and improve the quality of life of your pet.

To learn more about how Companion Therapy Laser® can benefit your pet, schedule an appointment with Dr. Van Horn today. For additional details about different applications of the system, visit the Companion Therapy Laser® website here.

Watch this video to see why Good Morning America picked Companion Therapy Laser® as one of the Pet Products of the Year for 2009!

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