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Why not give your pets the best care that they can receive?
Laser Surgery helps simplify procedures and reduce risks for our patients

Laser Surgery for Pets - Murphy, NC

Alpine Animal Hospital doctors may choose Laser Surgery to simplify procedures and reduce risks for our patients. We use state of the art equipment from Aesculite, the only American-made surgical CO2 to perform procedures requiring laser surgery.

Some of the benefits of laser surgery for your pets are:

  • Less Bleeding
  • Less Pain
  • Reduced Risk of Infection
  • Quicker Recovery Time

Offering outstanding versatility and precision, Laser Surgery can be used effectively for general surgery, ENT & oral procedures, ophthalmology, dermatology, and many other procedures. Why not give your pets the best care that they can receive?

Read more about Laser Surgery here.

What Pet owners are saying about Laser Surgery:

“With the encouragement from a dear friend of mine, after the loss of three dogs, I reluctantly opened my heart and decided to buy two female Maltese; a six-month-old and a 4-year-old. Demi and Sundae both had not been spayed and the prospect of laser surgery worried me. After the procedures, when the staff at our clinic brought Demi and Sundae to us, they looked great. They were experiencing very little pain. Additionally, the laser surgery reduced the amount of swelling and bleeding to almost none and the incision itself was small and did not aggravate either of them. They are both perfectly healthy and feeling fine. When faced with making a decision on a surgical procedure for your animals, I would highly recommend laser over conventional surgery.”

Teresa from Dawsonville, Georgia

“No blood, no stitches… it was fantastic! Our dog healed in two weeks completely. What a change from stitches, staples, meds, infection, e-collars, wraps and bandages. We will do laser when possible from now on. Our dog never bothered the (surgical) site. It was painless for all of us!”

Chrissie from West Chester, Pennsylvania

“We made arrangements for our Bichons to be spayed this past spring … We chose laser surgery over the traditional method. The surgery went well; the dogs came home and showed little discomfort. Their activity level was back to normal in a few days. Amazingly, there was little evidence of the surgery as their scars are almost non-existent. We are delighted that our very talented veterinarians have chosen to offer this innovative technology as part of their practice.”

Barbara from Woodstock, Georgia

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